Electric SMS has been acquired and is now part of Recharge!

Set up SMS for your store and increase customer lifetime value.

Text your subscribers

Save money by automating support & preventing churn.

Companies save an average of $60,000/year by automating customer support & save 10% in MRR by preventing cancellations.

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They trust us

Schoolyard Snacks

How it works

9 out of 10 customers want to text your company.

  1. 1. Collect

    Step 1

    Collect phone numbers
    through checkout

  2. 2. Engage

    Step 2

    Engage your customer via SMS upon successful purchase

  3. 3. Automate

    Step 3

    Automate the conversation and let customers manage their subscriptions

* according to a Twillio survey on more than 6,000 consumers across 3 continents.

Automate your customer service

No more 3am customer service surges.

Sleep soundly.
Automate simple requests and focus your attention when your team is needed.

ElectricSMS + Gorgias

Full dashboard analytics

Analyze & improve your customer's experience

Unlock key insights on your customer’s engagement and see how much you’ve saved with automation.


ElectricSMS opt out rate


Customer engagement


the engagement rate of email

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What our customers say about us

"We've saved countless hours automating most of our customer requests and have received great feedback from our new and existing customers. We feel like we're past email and have automation at our fingertips, so we can focus on more of what really matters."

Sarah C.
Founder, GEM Logo

Main Features

Help your customers help you.


Instant Product Swaps

Customers who are interested or tired of the same product can instantly swap to a new product variant. A leading cause of subscription fatigue - totally mitigated.


Seamless Order Skipping

Customers typically opt to cancel their subscriptions during travel time or when they're over-stocked. ElectricSMS makes skipping upcoming order easier than ever.


Intelligent Winbacks

Leverage the engagement rates of SMS to win-back customers who request to cancel their subscription. ElectricSMS provides smart alternative options to users to reduce your churn rate.


Comprehensive Analytics Dashboard

Know exactly what your customers interact with your brand and track how many customer service requests were automated.


Add a One-Time Product

Bump your sales and offer exciting new products to your existing customers. One-time products can be added to upcoming orders with ease.


Text to Order

Onboard new customers through an efficient conversation flow to purchase a product from your store. Immediately enroll them into our system for future order updates.


Helpful Order Reminders

No more surprise charges. The service sends an automated message to customers who's upcoming payment charge will occur in the next 3 days.


... And More

Customers can update their order quantity, billing info, shipping info, next charge date. They can also manage multiple subscriptions and re-activate at any time.